IMG_6729-0.JPG September 10

Are you true?

Before I even start writing, I’m concerned that this post may come across as frustrated or angry. I’m truly not angry at anyone. But I am very concerned for many. You see as I write these words I’m thinking of many, many people that I love and care about and know personally. I am concerned […]

Facing-the-Reality-about-Spiritual-Warfare September 07

This Is War.

I see it every week… sometimes every day.  Church leaders and participants talking flippantly about what works and doesn’t work in getting people to come to their church.  Some of them talk about it not much differently than a gas station owner might talk about how to get people to buy premium instead of cheap […]

IMG_6219-0.JPG August 29

Yelling “I’m a Victim!”

I am concerned that we have come to a place in our culture where to many people, the facts are irrelevant. The person to yell loudest about being the victim is often automatically given the public’s sympathy… regardless of reality. Most folks are afraid of being accused of supporting the oppressor. So they support someone […]

10 Things Id Do If I Wasn’t A Pastor Today

By Ron Edmondson I spent most of my adult life outside vocational ministry. I’m amazed at the opportunities God has given me in ministry, but in many ways I am still a newcomer. I have just over a dozen years in this career. It’s challenging in some ways, because I see things differently from some […]

20140519-085858-32338516.jpg May 19


Life is about problems… how you handle them, what you do with them, how they make you feel, whether or not you trust God and those around you in them… Avoiding problems may be the worst way to live. It robs you of the potential growth that can come from the challenge of problems. Don’t […]

20140516-141241.jpg May 16

10 Things You Won’t Find In A Godly Marriage

  A great article from Matthew Jacobson at Could you stand up in a room and say, without embarrassment, “We’re not perfect but even so, I encourage you to follow our example in marriage?” A godly couple can say this because of what’s missing from their marriage (and because of what’s there, but that’s another […]

20140507-080857.jpg May 07

My friend Larry

I’ll be spending a lot of time today remembering Larry Lee Sherman. One year ago today, after spending the weekend coaching church planters, pastors and friends, he boarded a plane home, went to sleep and woke up in the presence of God. I received the phone call that he had died and it shocked me […]


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