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Recapturing Hope Sunday Night Slides – Dr Brian Arnold

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By Dave Bruskus So your church is “evangelical.” But is it evangelistic? Here are seven ways you as a pastor can build an evangelistic culture that’s about more than baptism numbers. While many churches would consider themselves to be evangelical, I have personally found very few of these same churches to have a strong evangelistic […]

7 Lies Pastors Believe

Repost from My heart is for the pastor. Maybe it stems from the fact that I spent more years as a layperson…a deacon and Sunday school teacher…and now, as a pastor. I realize now how much I didn’t understand about the position. The role has a lot more expectations and pressures than I previously […]

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Inspiring others to give themselves unreservedly to the mission is not a management technique. Effective leadership is far more personal. Followers size us up as people to see if they want to follow our leadership or simply comply with our directives. Page 4

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IMPACT Quote #2

So this is actually Proverbs 4:23. But the book simply lists it as an ‘ancient’ proverb…

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IMPACT Quote #1

“Oddly, leadership failures rarely reflect a problem with the leader’s competence. Most often the fall occurs because of a breach of something inside the leader.” Tim Irwin, PHD in the preface of the book… >

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How Social Media Can Change Your Church’s Brand

Written by Brandon Cox Christianity has a brand, like it or not. So does your church. And so do you, for that matter. That might make more sense if you define branding the way I do – as the story people are telling about a person, product, or organization. Artie Davis wrote in his book […]


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