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Free Kids Toys/Books/Videos

We have been cleaning out a few rooms at 4RC’s Paducah Campus as we move things around into our new facility in Calvert City. Today we discovered some clean kids toys and videos that aren’t being used regularly by the church. These could be a real blessing to some families with small kids. We need […]

Livingston County/Smithland 5K run

Well it wasn’t much of a personal run. My time was slower than I like. The rain and wet road were a little uncomfortable. But I had a great time connecting with so many of my Livingston County friends at the Smithland Library 5K. I even ended up bumping into an old friend I hadn’t […]

You’ve never seen Wednesday night church like this…

These folks are awesome! They gather together at 5:30 on Wednesdays for a meal. They share their lives through story and experience. And then they gather together for worship and Bible teaching. I’m so thankful to be a part of this church. Thanks FourRiversChurch.com Brad

Run4Another 5K

Just finished the Run4Another 5K in Murray, Ky. Bryan finished in like 24.5… Beat his best time by almost 2 minutes. I finished in about 28 minutes. Not my best time. Kelsee beat me by a few seconds. She is very proud… lol Sheri finished in her best time today. Great fun all around!

8 miles on the canal loop

Just finished my first run at the loop. Loads of fun. I have found my new past time/hobby. I absolutely love it. Thx to Caleb Skinner for the tour & tips… one day I’ll be better equiped to keep up with that dude.

Four Rivers folks take to the community…

I’m so thankful for The service attitude and hard work put forth by the 4RC family today. A lot of people talk service in the Christian life. But it takes something more to stack sandbags in the a cold rain for several hours. That’s so much more than talk. Several times in the New Testament, […]

So how does Four Rivers Church reach 1000 people?

Ever since I cast the vision of reaching 1000 people through the Easter season, I’ve had a solid line of questions ultimately asking, “How in the world are we going to do that?” Here is how… 1. First and formost, this is about God. We are not going to go out and reach 1000 people […]

Easter Week at Four Rivers Church

You may have heard by now that Four Rivers Church is hoping and expecting to connect with 1000 or more people this year during the week leading up to Easter Sunday. If you have hoped to experience a worship gathering but have been unable than this week is for you. If it’s been too long […]

4RC… Do you have a teenager? Care about youth ministry?

This letter is from my friend Roger Palmer. Roger was at one time the most well thought of youth pastor in Western Kentucky when he served at Paducah First Baptist Church. During that time Roger set in motion many things that have helped to forge the realities of good youth ministry in the Paducah area. […]

The Christmas Rebel

Tomorrow i will be looking at tue role of rebellion in the Christmas celebration. Seriously, rebellion… Jesus was and is a rebel against many things. Show up at worship in Paducah (12th & Jefferson) or Calvert City (S 5th street) tomorrow and join the Advent Conspiracy.


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