April 19

Why Celebrate Death?

    The reason Christians celebrate Easter seems to make sense to everyone.  Jesus was dead and now he is alive.  Let’s celebrate, right.  Yeah, that’s an easy one to understand.  But why in the world do we celebrate Jesus’ death on Good Friday? It seems anti-christian to some to celebrate the death of our […]

March 27

God Wants My Lunch Money

Mark 6:1-13, 30-44 Recently, I went through a period of unemployment.  It never fails that when you’re going through a valley it always seems that everything is compounded.  That’s when the truck breaks down, or tooth gets broken, or some other out of the ordinary expense occurs.  For me multiple things always hit at the […]

March 27

Why Forgiveness?

Why Forgiveness? Grudges, Karma, and Justice “A fine message, fräulein! How good it is to know that, as you say, all our sins are at the bottom of the sea!” This was the greeting given to Holocaust survivor, Corie Ten Boom after a speaking engagement in post WWII Germany. She had been speaking of God’s […]

January 22

What is gossip?

I’m researching the topic ‘gossip.’  Its more tricky than you might think.  Give me your thoughts.  What are some good principles that can guide our words?  I’m interested. Here are Mark Driscoll’s thoughts.  I like it.  

Very Important Stuff 2 Highlight Video

Here is a short highlight video of last week’s teaching at the Potters House.  How does relational space affect spiritual and relational growth?  Check it out.  Please share.  

All Activities Cancelled Today At The Potters House

All activities at the Potters House Church have been cancelled today and tonight due to slick parking lot and road conditions.  Stay home.  Stay warm. Consider finding a way to lead worship and Bible study in your home.  Maybe think of a way to serve a neighbor or friend. Keep a look out for the elderly […]

January 05

Really Important Stuff 1

What really matters to you?  Do certain values rise to the top in your worldview?  Have you ever considered whether you value ‘comeback’ stories or ‘success’ stories?  Check this out…