The Church Of My Dreams: Unique Qualities…

Just for you, I have written some of the ‘unwritten’ realities of my dream church. Read through these unique qualities that we strive for at Four Rivers and see what you think…

I plan on writing a blog post about each paragraph over the next few weeks.

We are mobilized by Synergy and Incarnation. When God works in and around us the influence of a few is multiplied by Him. Without the presence & activity of the Trinity we are simply a group of people hanging out.

We protect our credibility in the community. Nothing else will drop the anchor and create a sluggish ethos quicker than a loss of reliability and integrity.

We are a surfacing community. We realize that true excellence comes from the depth of motivation and then guides the making of distinction.

We are an artistic community. We are learning that God is a graphic designer, a painter, a sculptor, a potter who specializes in beauty. Just as God is designing a world to attract men and women to Himself, we are designing with Him an experience of worship to connect with the people and culture of Western Kentucky and the surrounding area.

We are an authentic family. We have come to understand that if we are not real with God, ourselves and everyone else then our effort really doesn’t get anything done.

We recognize that relationships are vital to our health. We value all age groups, socio-economic groups, all races; basically everyone. All people are valuable and have an open, active invitation to God’s family.

We are a community of connection. It all starts with connection. Without connection to Christ we have no life. That connection stems beyond the personal into the corporate as we journey together as a community of individuals that is the Kingdom of God.

We are a church dedicated to clarity & truth. The Bible is true. We teach the Scriptures and expect that application of that truth will transform lives.

We cultivate a culture of acceptance and warmth. Jesus is the most selfless of all that claim to be God. All others require something extra. Jesus offers grace. As followers of Christ we set out to accept & welcome those that Jesus is connecting and transforming.

We believe that people ooze potential. We actually think that any person has the potential of making substantial, significant contributions to the world.

We see the value of the question. We desire our lives to cause people to ask important questions. It is in the question that they might find life in Christ. “Why would these people be so kind to me? How do they find their strength? How are they able to forgive? Why would they do that?” We recognize that the choices we make in connection to the relationships we have are a great tool of the Spirit of God to share grace and love with the world.

We are emerging into a church that invites other churches to journey into this new world with Jesus. In a time when many ministries are completely breaking ties with tradition and heritage, Four Rivers desires to journey with, assist and lead other churches as we experience what Jesus is doing in the world.