My Secret Series… Sexual Sin

Not long ago a friend handed me his iphone and asked me to find something for him in the APP store. I opened his app search function and noticed all kinds of sexual topics that he had sought out in the APP store. I didn’t know what to say. I’m not even sure he noticed that I noticed…But I did. And I know that he isn’t alone. Both men and women of faith regularly share with me their struggle with secret sexual sin. Its pretty rampant. And the church is doing very little to battle this behemoth sin pattern.In fact, its not just sexual sin… its secret sins that keep us so broken and bound. So this spring at 4RC we are going to confront secrets in our own individual lives and begin to realize that we don’t have the luxury of simply hurting ourselves with our secrets. We are going to bring secrets into the open… darkness into the light.Although it may be a difficult series…. I”m sure that it will bring spiritual, relational and practical dividends in our lives.We would love for you to be there.We start on Easter Sunday with “My Secret Worries” about Christianity…Then we will cover secret lies, secret sexual sin, secret shame, etc in the following weeks.9:30 & 11:00 at Paducah and Calvert City.

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