My Secret

Hey Guys,

I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am for this new series. MY SECRET is by far my favorite series that I’ve ever been a part of. If we can get our friends, family, neighbors & cowards here over the next few weeks, there is a great chance that the environments will be right for them to connect with Christ and be transformed by Him.

Please get involved. Use your facebook, twitter, email, telephone, snail mail, web mail, text messages, yellow pages, high school yearbook, little black book, myspace, linked in, blogs, chat rooms, online threads, back yard fences, t-ball bleachers or boy scout connections… Use anything you can to invite people to be at 4RC Paducah or Lakes campuses this Sunday and for the next few Sundays.

Our success depends on there being disconnected people present…

And a second thing… Lets pray, pray, pray. Like we haven’t prayed is so long. Lets earnestly seek God’s guidance as we live out His Will in this.

If we will fall on our face before God together, there is no telling what He will be willing to do in and around us.

Be prepared. This series is about secrets… and confession of those secrets. None of us are immune.

If you are someone who has been prepared to serve with the altar/prayer teams. Be ready. We may need you this week and the next few weeks like we haven’t needed you before. Have your Bibles and What’s Next kits ready. People are going to meet Jesus this Sunday. We need your help.

Do you have a secret?