Alone Time

This week I am in Orlando at the Exponential Conference.

I try to come to things like this fairly often. It seems that getting away from the church, staff, and even family provide some sort of solace for me in which I hear from God more clearly.

Jesus would sneak off into the woods to pray. I leave town for leadership conferences and personal advances.

I’m praying about and seeking God’s Will in several areas. I won’t get in to the specifics, but basically they range from family, calling and personal significance to parenting, marriage and church planting.

If I didn’t find a way to get alone with The Spirit of Jesus and listen, I’m pretty sure I would dry up spiritually.

Today I have felt alive. Very alive…

And it seems like I’m hearing and seeing more clearly.

God’s voice has been everywhere. From Mrs Henderson on the plane to Matt Chandler at the conference… I’m hearing from God.

So, where do you go to hear or see God? I really want to know. Feel free to share.