So what is it…

I love conference experiences. I mean really love them. Whenever I am at a leadership or church planting conferance, I feel very happy and close to God.

I wonder why.

I think the reason is multi-faceted. Here are some ideas…

1. My dearest friends are here. I meet up with old buddies and new comrades at conferences. This is the only time I see most of these guys outside of Facebook/Twitter updates and phone calls. It’s really great.
2. I’m focused at conferences. While here there are no meetings, no tv shows, no counseling sessions and no conflicts to manage. It’s just me, The Holy Spirit and a few thousand other church planters.

3. I love and respect church planters. Many of these folks make sacriices for the success of the local church that the average Chrisian would never dream or dare. I don’t just like these guys… I really respect them.

I love getting to sit under great preaching. At home I’m always preaching… and it’s not usually great… At Exponential and Catalyst, I get to be fed by the teaching of the best communicators we have to offer. What a blessing.

So where do you go to meet up with Jesus?