Holy Reminiscent Places

There are several places in my life that I go to go back… to go back to a moment of learning, love or laughter. To me these are holy (seperate) remeniscent places, where God reminds me of who He is and who I am.

One of the coolest things that ever happens to me is when I stumble onto a Holy Reminiscent Place without realizing it… or when I realize that a place has become one before my very eyes.

Today I took my family to a place that I hope becomes a HRPlace for my wife and boys… and me. It’s a remote spring fed creek bed in LBL far from civilization. Steph and I found this place while off roading in LBL a few years ago. We go back a few times each summer. We take the boys, the dogs, and a picnic. It’s so quiet and serene. I LOVE it. It’s like taking a 2 day vacation in 2 hours. And it’s quickly becoming a HRPlace.

The boys swim, Steph wades up to her knees and I just sit and watch the best things in my life enjoy. There are no better moments.

Where are you’re HRPlaces? And how does God use them in you’re life?