Very few people know the sense of failure I felt the day I found out that my dissertation hadn’t passed.  I was at a staff meal at Kirchoff’s bakery on Market Square in downtown Paducah.  I couldn’t hold in the feeling of brokenness and defeat.  But when I graduated six months later in December of 2007, I learned to look back on that failure as more than missing the mark.  I had learned something.  Many things actually…

I had learned that some of my highest points come after the lowest moments.

Its ironic that the topic of my dissertation, Jesus Screenplay, was related to house churches.  I say that it is ironic because I have always thought our church ‘failed’ at launching house churches, or River Groups as we call them.  I’ve thought of that as my failure.

Don’t get me wrong, we have had many successes in this area.  Right now we have several great River Groups that are thriving.  My thanks go out to those upon whose sacrifice these groups are built.

But as a whole, as a church, I’m sure we have not reached the goal… we’re still missing the mark.

But I think that maybe, just maybe, our high points are just on the other side of our lowest moments.

What would happen if we could launch 10 new, vibrant and healthy home groups?

I really believe we can and will do this.

We are joining together with the global goal of the 101010initiative.com to help plant 1000 new churches by 10/10/2010.

That gives us 10 weeks, in which to help plant 10 River Groups, by the 10th day of the 10th month of the year 2010.

Begin today praying about your involvement.  We need you.  But seriously, you need this.

Your high point spiritually, relationally and missionally could be just beyond a low moment.