Faithful The Series (a walk through 2 Timothy coming to 4RC in the next few weeks.)

Several months ago I was drawn to the writings of the Apostle Paul to the church in Ephesus. Ephesus seems to have been very special to Paul. And yet, despite his great love for them, they also seem to be somewhat of a problem child.

That reminds me of us. By ‘us’ I am referring to Four Rivers, the church that I helped plant and have recently helped merge with another congregation to form Four Rivers Covenant Church.

We are a unique group, to say the least. The spiritual diversity and background of our folks is amazing to say the least. People come from all walks of life, various spiritual heritages and socio economic levels, etc.

I love it. There is no doubt that Jesus loves us and is regularly and constantly doing things in and around us that we don’t deserve, at all.

But we can also be a problem child. Sins of various types seem to find their way into many of our people’s lives. We can be stubborn, selfish, and spoiled when left unchecked by the Spirit of God. Our biggest sins is probably our tendency to think we have it all figured out. We can look at our cool worship experiences, great music and stylish atmosphere as if we have ‘arrived.’

Left to our own wants and desires, we could certainly cause trouble.

But Jesus won’t leave us alone. He won’t stop chasing after us. He just keeps coming.

He is so forgiving, so open, so loving, so unrelenting in His persuit to free us from the bondage of sin and death… and to use us to bring His mission to completion in our cities.

He loves us. Just like he loved Ephesus.

In the next few weeks, we will embark upon another one of those letters from Paul to Ephesus. This one is Paul’s final letter to them. Its called, “2 Timothy” and in this short letter Paul packs so much content… so much truth.

If 2 Timothy were a meal, it would be a buffet of the greatest steaks, lobster, crab legs, shrimp, sushi, etc. (Can you tell those are my favorite foods?)

I love this book. I am indebted to those who have taught the truths of this book to me over the years. I may read 2 Timothy more than any other NT book from time to time.

I can’t wait to teach it in the upcoming series, “Faithful.”

Be there.