As many of you know, I have been trying out a few new opportunities lately.

As a way to reduce the cash flow needed by our church, I and another one of the pastors have been experimenting with the idea of helping out by taking side jobs. This is called bi-vocational ministry.

So a few weeks ago I agreed to begin a new part time job with a national organization that coaches church planters in our region. I’ll be doing some conference speaking and internet based coaching as well as some traveling to spend time with church planters in their cities. Its not too time consuming and I am filled with passion for this topic. It doesn’t pay much at all, but it will help some in this process.

The second ‘moonlighting’ job that I took was with Mid Continent University, teaching in their Bible and Ethics department. I am presently teaching two classes and hope to teach another before the end of the year.

Today I’ve been a bit overwhelmed. Preparing to speak and run technology for two conferences out of town in the next month, grading papers, preparing lectures, writing sermons, counseling, teaching at Lifeline Ministries, building 3 new web sites for the church, helping motivate and launch a few new River Groups & plan a regional spiritual renewal campaign for the Spring 2011 have my head spinning a bit today.

Any thoughts on the best ways to deal with a spinning head?

Through any and all change, I am more excited about what God is doing in West Kentucky now than ever. Four Rivers is doing so well. My family is so happy. I am experiencing a feeling of fulfillment that I have missed in the past. And ultimately, just knowing that you are living the life that Jesus has designed for you, makes it pretty amazing.