Youth Ministry @ Four Rivers

Hey Four Rivers,

As you know, one of my great passions is ministry to adolescent teens. However, as a former youth pastor, I have doubted the effectiveness of much of the typical youth ministry forms that I have seen.

With that in mind, Four Rivers has been in a growing and learning season concerning youth ministry for the past year.

As of now, we have a few things going for us.

1. FUEL: Fuel is the class or group of 5th-8th graders who meet at each campus of 4RC on Sunday mornings. This class has the potential to teach children (5th graders) what they need to begin Christian adulthood (high schoolers). It is an extremely important area of ministry for us. We want to put our best, best, best foot forward in this area.

2. Youth River Groups: Once someone is in high school, we give them the opportunity to begin living life and serving God as an adult in Christ. This means they just like the other adults in the church, high schoolers meet in weekly River Groups to share life, grow and serve together.


There is a third piece of the puzzle that doesn’t really exist now. And that is a team of leaders who plan 4-6 big events a year focused on teens. Things like youth camp, mission trips, fun trips… etc.

So right now we are looking for a team of leaders to help us plan these events for the entire church.

Most likely, this team will include 3 adults over 18 and 2 adults who are teenagers.

If you are interested, or if you would like to suggest someone… please let me know.