Best BBQ on the River for 4RC ever…

I just received a txt from one of our most active volunteers at BBQ. She has served actively at every BBQ on the River for 4RC. She said this was the best BBQ ever.

What do we mean by ‘best?’

1. We served with great attitude and skill. (I’m really proud of the planning and attitude of our people. Good job everyone.)

2. We met needs. Over and over people told me how much they were blessed by the tent and the picture stations. I think we really did something that mattered to people today.

3. We shared the love of Jesus. I know it may seem strange, but kindness works. The love of Jesus shows up in our kindness.

4. We changed people’s mind about Jesus and church. There is someone, somewhere out there who is a bit closer to meeting Jesus because of this. They thought they hated church… but they liked you today. They are thinking… the Spirit is working. Just watch, and pray.

Great weekend everyone.