Please Read: I am so humbled by this experience

As many of you already know, I”m running tech and teaching at a small church plant team training in Boston, MA this week.  And these people are amazing.

There are white, black, asian & hispanic planters here.  They are from all over the country.  Literally, one is from Compton, CA; another is from Los Vegas and still another is from Indiana.

I have only had this privilege a few times… being around people who would go anywhere, care for anybody and risk everything for God’s calling in their life.  These people are intense… and serious in their faith.

Being around church planters will make any mature believer reconsider their own ‘maturity.’

Its made me spend a great deal of time thinking and praying about church planting in my own region.  God has blessed me with several relationships with church planters, house church planters or other missional community leaders in the West Kentucky area.  I’m still seeking God’s guidance for His will in those relationships.

So pray for me.  I know that many of them may need support and encouragement from me.  And as I am learning here… planters often need other pastors to sacrifice for their benefit.  So I am asking God how I can sacrifice for the benefit of the other planters in town.

Share your thoughts or questions…