4RC: Here is what I’m asking of you…

The Ghost series begins this weekend in Paducah and next weekend At The Lakes. I’m asking you to invest in the growth and the expansion of 4RC by making an extra effort to invite your unchurched friends, family, neighbors and coworkers to this exciting series.

Use the cards we gave you Sunday. Or even better, use Facebook, Twitter, email, texting and IM to let everyone know.

There are also many Christians searching for a church right now. I have personally had several contact me about seeking a new home at 4RC. Make sure you take every opportunity to invite them as well. God may be reassigning them to serve the great mission and causes of the church alongside of us.

But they may never know about the amazing things God is doing in our church or your life if you don’t tell them. So speak up big time.

Thus is the week to invite like crazy…