The 4 things your church needs you to give…

In order to be successful in the mission that God has given the church, there are at least 4 primary things that all church participants should donate to the effort…

1. Their gifts/talents: ever person brings a unique blend of spiritual gifts, skills and abilities. In most situations, only the gifts of a few are utilized. The missionally effective church needs the gifts of many focused on a singular mission to be successful.

2. Their attitude: the most difficult thing I’ve ever tried to do is motivate a large number of people to all be excited and encouraged about one church. When this happens, the church is amazingly effective. In a world where cynicism tends to rule, give your positive attitude to your church.

3. Their relationships: you have neighbors, coworkers, friends and family. Most people never leverage those relationships to spread the gospel. Big problem. Lead those with whom you have relationship toward Jess and the church.

4. Your money: for 2000 years devoted Christians have donated a minimum of 10% of all income and gain to the local church. With a tithing crowd, the church can do amazing ministry, outreach, etc. With great resources comes the ability to really get some things accomplished. But in recent years, very few actually give sacrificially. It really is sad. We either love money or have lost hope in the church so much that we so not see it as worthy of our donation and sacrifice. If you love the mission of your church, give big.