The Spotlight is on…

When Four Rivers Church and New Covenant Church merged to form Four Rivers Covenant Church a little over a year ago, Randy & Virginia Shidal were serving on the Elder team of New Covenant.  Since then they have been truly excited about all that God has done as the church has moved forward through the alterations of the past year.

And now they are joining many others in launching a new River Group.  They will be working together with Alan and Jackie Patterson to connect and share life with several other folks as a part of the mission of Connection & Transformation shared by all of Four Rivers.

River Groups are simply small groups of people who develop healthy relationships through which they can follow and enjoy Jesus Christ.  River Groups meet regularly for prayer, fellowship and Bible study, but they also develop daily relationships with one another and are truly there for one another in times of suffering or celebration.

Do you need to find a River Group?  There is one waiting for you.  Check the pages above to find the right group for you.