Ordering My Life with Holistic Godliness in Mind

I woke up this morning thinking about this.

I want to start my planning over… start with a blank calendar and begin writing down allocated times for the most important things. And I hope to do it on some sort of a Holistic Godliness scale.

For instance, spending the appropriate time listening to my boys talk about their day and helping them with their homework might not normally find its way to the top of the priority list… but maybe it should.

So, I would probably start with time focused on God, prayer, Bible study and then focus time on my wife and boys and simply being with them. Then I would care for myself with time to eat in a healthy way and exercise appropriately.

And I sense that there would still be time for all the needed work, travel, coaching, mowing, etc.

But in the long run, it would prioritize my relationship with God, my family and caring for my physical needs in the process so that I can be more to the rest of the responsibilities in my life.

I think budgeting could probably also be done this way. In fact, I think Ive handled our families budget this way for years. Its probably why my wallet is in better shape than my waste line…

So stay tuned… I plan on writing about this more over the next few weeks.

My first three things to be written in ink would be:

1. Time alone with God focused on prayer, Bible study and worship.
2. Focused time with Stephanie & the boys.
3. Time set aside to eat healthy and exercise my body and mind.

What would you first three entries be?