Me Educated II


OK, there were alot of people who read through the list of classes that I included for the first “Me Educated” post.  They were the guts of my doctoral degree.


Today I’d like to let you in on the studies I had while doing my masters degree.

Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

with additional studies at Louisville Presbyterian Seminary


Master of Arts in Leadership


Advanced Intro to Old Testament

Advanced Intro to New Testament

Greek Exegesis of the Gospel of Mark

Formation for Christian Ministry

Textual Criticism of the New Testament

Intro to Church Growth

Feminist Interpretation of the Bible (at LPS)

Advanced Church History

Intro to Christian Theology 1

Christian Ethics

Evangelistic Preaching

Personal Evangelism

Principles & Methods of Local Church Growth

Educational Administration

The Ministry of Leadership

Team Ministry Relations

Supervised Ministry in Christian Education

Simulation & Discovery Learning

Intro to Christian Theology 2

Change & Conflict in the Church

Christian Education Workshop 1

History and Philosophy of Christian Education

Bible Teaching:  Principles & Practice

Intro to Church History 1

Intro to Family Ministry

Supervised Ministry Experience:  Christian Education

Way of Wisdom (Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon)

Christian Education Workshop 2


Final GPA 3.3