Me Educated 3


In the past few days, I’ve introduced you to the different schools, programs and classes that have been so integral in helping me learn to think and view life.  Today I take you to Union University in Jackson, Tennessee.  I loved being at Union from 92-96.  It was a truly life altering time for Stephanie and me.  God did so many things in me & literally changed the trajectory of my existence.

While there I completed a BA in Christian Studies with a focus on New Testament Greek with a minor in performance music.

Here is a list of my classes:


College Life at Union

Written Composition I

World Civilization to the 19th Century

Recital Attendance

Sightsinging/Ear Training

Elementary Harmony I

Class Piano I

Union University Chorus

Union University Singers

Applied Music – Voice

Old Testament Survey


Written Composition II

Recital attendance

Sightsinging / Ear Training

Elementary Harmony II

Class Piano II



Applied Music – Voice

Karate I

New Testament Survey


Principles of Biology

World Literature I




Music Literature I

Applied Music – Voice

Fitness for Health

Introduction to Psychology

Intro to Christian Evangelism


World Civilization from the 19th Century


Music Literature II



Intertestament Period (time between Old and New Testaments)

The Life of Christ

Pastoral ministries


Elementary Greek I

Principles of Physical Science

Intro to Bible Study & Interpretation

Hospital Chaplaincy Internship


Arts in Western Civilization

Survey Micro-Computing Application

World Literature II

Elementary Greek II

Poetry/Wisdom Literature of the OT


Intermediate Greek I

History of Music I

Introduction to Philosophy

Christian Doctrine

Major Prophets


Intermediate Greek II

Advanced Greek

History of Music II
Studies in the Pentateuch

Senior Seminary & Thesis


Cum Laude Graduate.