Review of “THE TANGIBLE KINGDOM” by Hugh Halter & Matt Smay

I think I was one of the first to read “The Tangible Kingdom” book right after it came out.  I literally bought my first copy off of a card table at a conference from Hugh, one of the writers.  Since that time I have recommended this “The Tangible Kingdom” to many people.  I’ve personally purchased probably 10 copies to give them away.

What’s strange is that not everyone applies the teaching of the book in the same way I would.  The conversation surrounding the book has actually caused some nationally to abandon many things about the church.  And in turn, in order to discourage that, Matt and Hugh, the writers, wrote another book called “AND” that I have also read and recommended… its picture is above.

Anyway…  I wrote the below review a year or so ago and posted it under the former page called “Favorite Reads.”

I’d love for you to let me know what you think about the quote below.

BTW… the picture above is of Hugh on the far right with the orange sleeves, then Alan Hirsch (God’s most active prophet in my life), then Matt Smay & honestly I don’t know the guy on the left side’s name.

The Review:

I’m certainly a fan of this book. I have asked our church’s leadership team as well as each of our River Group leaders to read it sometime this year. I think it’s going to be a big help in developing the ethos of the River Groups movement.

I’d like to focus on one paragraph. This citation comes from page 10 which is a part of the second chapter. And the paragraph is pointing to the philosophy of church that the book espouses.

“This type of new is about a returning. Returning to something ancient, something tried, something true and trustworthy. Something that has rerouted the legacies of families, nations, kings, and peasants. Something that has caused hundreds of thousands to give up security, reputation, and their lives. What we’re returning to has always been and must still be revolutionary. What we need to dig up, recover, and find again is the life of the Kingdom and Jesus’ community… the church. As we do, we’ll find that it’s not American… it’s ‘other world’; it’s not evangelicalism, it’s much more holistic and integrated into real life. It’s not anti-church; it’s pro-church. It’s about the type of church that Jesus would go to, the type he died to give flight to. It’s not about success, size of buildings, budget, or ‘salvations.’ It is about being faithful to live Christ’s alternative ways in the world again.”

I want so much to see this happen. Think about it… the church being genuinely about people (those whom Jesus came to save). The church has far too long been overly concerned with size, money, prestige and power. And although I certainly don’t think that those four words in and of themselves are bad… they certainly can’t be the ‘main priority.’

People are the only thing that deserve that title. Jesus died for people.

Although I wouldn’t personally agree that this is not ‘evangelicalism,’ I would certainly love to see 4RC continue to become this kind of church.

The thought that one day our true identity as a church will come from our many house church’s (River Groups) and that our weekend worship experiences will be apostolic gatherings aimed at empowering and encouraging the home groups… that’s cool. And Biblical mind you…

I encourage my friends and family to read this great and helpful work…