Christian Radio

Wiping the sweat from my face after packing my car in the hot August sun, I opened the door and hopped in. In 10 long hours, I’d be home. I fired the car up and reached down to find some tunes on the radio. Nothing. I tried again. Still nothing. “Are you kidding?!” I said out loud even though I was the only one in the car. The reality of the moment hit me — my trip just got longer knowing I had only the road to listen to all the way home.

The day after my trip, I found the problem with my radio — a blown fuse. This one little piece of the puzzle kept my whole stereo system from working. Sure, the radio was there. The speakers were there. The battery was there. Everything was connected. But without the fuse, the radio didn’t work as it should. It was just along for a 10-hour ride. 

Believe it or not, Brad’s current series “The Ghost” framed this issue with my radio around my concept of the Holy Spirit. Strange I know, but humor me for a moment. Let’s say we are the radio and the Holy Spirit is the fuse. When we allow God’s Spirit to work in our lives, we become connected to the power source that brings us alive — God. His Spirit acts like a fuse channeling his power to us so we can function as Christians. Of course, if we don’t accept God’s Spirit into our lives then we won’t have his power to operate. In other words, our radio just sits there. There’s nothing wrong with it. It has the potential to work, but doesn’t. 

When I think about it, my radio problem could have just as easily been related to the speakers. The radio could have had all the power it needed, but without the speakers its tunes wouldn’t have reached the ears of those wanting to listen. Please humor me just once more. Think of these speakers as our spiritual gifts. These unique abilities were given to each of us so we can broadcast God’s message in our own distinct way. Sure, we can accept the Holy Spirit and experience his power without using our gifts. But by failing to use them we leave no outlet for God’s message to reach others. Just like a radio with no speakers, we will have no effect upon those around us. 

God designed our Christian “radio” to work properly. This means allowing his Spirit to power our gifts so the world around us is impacted by his message. This is our mission. It’s what we were made to do. 

I’d love to be able to say I do this 100% of the time. However, I’ve discovered God frowns upon lying. So honestly, I have to say I’m still working on keeping my radio working the way it should. 

How about you? Do you find yourself simply along for the ride more often than not? If so, I challenge you to open your life up to the Holy Spirit and use the gifts he has given you. Reach the world in the special way only you can. You’ll not only live up to the potential he placed in you, but soon you’ll see he will carry you beyond any potential you thought you had. 

Live The Mission,