Missing Cows in Western Kentucky! Huge Laugh.

Below is a media advisory that was sent out by my good friend Keith Todd of the Ky Road Department.  Keith is a great guy who has been a very good friend to me over the past.  So, although I’m poking a little fun here… it’s not at Keith, its at the situation.

Only in Western Kentucky do lost cows garner such attention.

I think you will enjoy this read.


A team of wranglers is still looking for 4 cows that are still missing from that cattle truck crash on US 62 at Kentucky Dam Tuesday afternoon.

Volunteers from the Grand Lakes and Gilbertsville Fire Departments joined Corps of Engineers and TVA personnel to assist in the search for the missing steers last night and through the day today.

The truck driver reported 70 cows on board the truck at the time of the crash, 66 have been accounted for.  14 were recovered in the hours immediately after the crash, another 10 were rounded up in a nearby wildlife area today.

Four of the cows somehow made their way undetected across the Tennessee River Bridge during the night and were found grazing in Kentucky Dam Village State Park today.

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet is warning motorists in the Gilbertsville, Grand Rivers, and Lake City area to be alert for the 4 missing cows.  Wranglers are still hopeful they’ll turn up near the crash site, but there is a possibility they could wander out on to area roadways creating a hazard for motorists.

Anyone who spots the missing cows should report their location by calling their local 911 call center or the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet District 1 Office in Reidland at 270-898-2431.

Keith Todd