Why are you afraid to commit?


We are afraid of so many things.  But specifically, I think we are afraid of 1.) commitment, 2.) truly being ourselves & 3.) being wrong.

But why?


Why don’t people commit?  I mean, we have all heard the stories comparing present day American culture to our grand parents world.  They committed.  We don’t.  They had loyalty to: political party, religious heritage, sport team, hobby, the company for whom they worked, etc.

We change churches, jobs, political parties like they are yesterday’s news paper.

Why are we so afraid of commitment?


And what about being wrong or being ourselves?  Could it be that we are emotionally & spiritually disconnected from God and those around us?  Could it be that we are afraid that if people really knew us and saw how often we are really wrong, that we would be even more alone & marginalized?


What about you?


Consider being a part of worship this weekend at Four Rivers Paducah or Lakes campuses.  We are people who are trying to overcome these fears as we commit to Christ, one another, being ourselves as we grow in Christ & honesty about our faults.


We would love to have you.