Ambition and other bad words…

I learned today that ‘ambition’ is a word that doesn’t always mean what I thought it means… I’ve always considered myself ambitious. But today in a conversation with a friend, she told me that I shouldn’t call myself ambitious publically.

To her, an ambitious person is someone who puts themselves first and will always do what is best for them. In my case, in her mind, being ambitious would mean that I would always be looking to climb a ladder… willing to step on or over others in order to progress and promote myself.

That has never been what I meant by ambitious…

And she knew that, which is why she corrected me.

To me, being ambitious means that I always want to do my best, make progress and grow as a person, pastor, father, husband and leader.

But make no bones about it. I want the church to excell, grow, be very progressive, and sore to new heights yearly.

But I see no reason to step on or over people to accomplish that goal. In fact, that would be the opposite thing I would hope to do.

But together, you and I, we can make 4RC the most effective and amazing community of faith that Western Kentucky has ever seen.

Lets do this.