4 and 6 Answer

Welcome back! I Hope everyone had a great weekend.

We had several comments attempting to answer to Friday’s brain teaser. The answer of “5” seemed to be pretty popular. Unfortunately (I really hate to tell you this), it’s not the right answer. For purposes of this puzzle, 5 is a number not a symbol. Yes, I can hear the arguments starting now — 5 represents a number of somethings so it could be a symbol. Well maybe, but there actually is a mathematical symbol that answers this problem and the symbol is not a number. So there is a better answer than the number 5.

So what is the symbol you can place between the numbers 4 and 6 that results in a number greater than 4 but less than 6? It’s…..a decimal point. If you place a decimal point between 4 and 6 you wind up with the number 4.6, which is indeed greater than 4 but less than 6. Tricky, huh?

Isn’t it amazing what one tiny little dot can do? That one little point no bigger than the tip of a pencil instantly has an impact on both the 4 and the 6. It just goes to show how small things can have a huge impact. 

At least, that’s what Mother Theresa thought. She has often been quoted as saying “We cannot do great things. Only small things with great love.” This one small, seemingly frail woman went to India on less than a shoestring budget and wound up impacting generations of Indians for Christ. How did she do it? By feeding the hungry one person at a time. By helping the sick one person at a time. By befriending the lonely one person at a time. At the time of her death, she had personally reached a nation of one billion people. Her small things were done in love and those small seeds of love reaped a bounty of results for the Kingdom. 

Sometimes we think “What can I do?” Well, the answer is you can do anything as long as it is in love. It doesn’t matter how small or insignificant it seems. It’s these small things done in love that will change the world. 

Can you do least one small thing in love this week? I challenge you (and your River Group) to see what impact you can make on another person’s life through a simple act of love. If all you have to offer is a tiny decimal point, go ahead and use it. Your one small decimal point could change the value of your neighbor’s life forever.

Live The Mission,