What hurts the most…

I was hurt by someone today. Someone wrote some nasty things… It wasn’t about me, but it hurt me.

Unwise or even mean words cause so much harm. Have you ever been hurt by someones words? What someone said, wrote, tweeted or updated on Facebook? Jesus has. The church has. Good people all over the world have.

James 1:26 states
“If you claim to be religious but don’t control your tongue, you are fooling yourself, and your religion is worthless.”

The tongue here refers not just to the spoken word, but also to any form of direct communication. The Christian should wisely control their email, Facebook, twitter, blogging, texting, etc. God cares what we communicate!

I see this sin most in unwise reactions to conflict. Instead of saying something constructive to an individual who may need it, we say it to everyone but them. Out of fear of conflicts and a desire to be seen as right, we become gossips, slanderers and ultimately (devil like) with our words.

If you have been guilty of this you should repent, confess, apologize to those you have wronged and… and this is important… seek to clear things up and tell the truth to those you have spoken with or posted to.

In the long run you will be a better person who honors Jesus with your tongue, or other form of ‘speaking.’

I pray that we all grow in this area. So much harm is done in our area because we run from direct conflict and spout off at the mouth to the wrong people. Let’s learn our lesson and get it right next time. It will make a big difference.