Advent Conspiracy

Today is the one and only Black Friday. Retail stores depend on today’s sales to bring them into the financial black. We are never more of a consumeristic society than today.

Now, that isn’t meant to be pure criticism… It’s just an observation. And it’s true.

This Sunday, at the Paducah Campus of Four Rivers, I will begin a new series called, ‘The Advent Conspiracy.’. The series will begin in Calvert City the following week. We are going to challenge ourselves to 1. Spend Less, 2. Give More, 3. Love All and 4. Worship Fully.

Maybe you have never worshipped like this at Christmas before. But you can this year. Together, let’s welcome the God of the universe who was born in a manger to save us…

Invite your friends, family, neighbors & coworkers… to meet the real Christ this Christ-mas.