Life, by Cindy Sproles

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For I take no pleasure in the death of anyone, declares the Sovereign LORD. Repent and live! Ezekiel 18:32

 The green is gone. Replaced by barren tree limbs and a color-coated ground. The flowers that dangled from the slated bluff wall, hang wilted, twisted and…dead. The life is gone.

I kicked the toe of my boot through the ankle deep blanket of leaves, and my breath became steam in the crisp morning air. I knelt on a rock and peered over the bluff at the river hundreds of feet below. Even the warmth of the summer seeped from the water forming a mist above. The forest was quiet. Silent.

My fingers sank into the leaves, brushing away the death of summer, and I was…somewhat sad. Winter on the mountain is so cold…empty. The pathways, now hidden, bore no resemblance to summer. No birds, no squirrels…just death.

My heart lies in the mountains. I’ve found my personal peace, found my place sitting beneath the canopy of woods. But regardless of the wonder I’ve experienced here, I dread to see winter come. I dread the grey and dingy sky, the empty trees…the loss of life.

I stared over the bluff and wondered why God allowed sin to enter His world. He could have prevented it. A world without sin meant no death. Green year-round. So I asked Him, “Why God? Why did you allow the death of Your world, Your children, Your son? You’re God. You have the power to change it.”

A cold wisp of wind swirled around me, burrowing deep into my soul and I could have sworn I heard God whisper, “I take no pleasure in the death of anyone. I am life.”

God doesn’t want us to suffer. He finds no pleasure in the death of His children, much less the eternal death of those who walk away, but He keeps His promise of new life, new bodies, and resurrection. The old passes, the new blooms, and what a gift of renewal…of second chances for the bizillionth time.

I’ll never understand the real whys of God’s plans. I’ll never get the true reason behind the seasons, but I do know that as I sit, surrounded by the leaves of summer past, they form a blanket to protect the seedlings of the future. I have life to look forward to. New life in the forest I call my special place and new life within my soul…eternal life.

When the weight of sin bears heavy on your soul; when eternal death seems as eminent as the coming of winter…come before Him, repent and live.

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Used by permission of Christian Devotions – Copyright 2010

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