Impossible… not so much.

People are so infatuated with what’s not possible. I mean, I hear it all the time… a pessimistic outlook on life and so-called faith that measures ones existence on all the things he/she
will never be able to accomplish.

It’s a worldview of mediocrity set in the stone of shattered dreams and unmet expectations. It’s driven by low self esteem and even lower faith in God.

You can be healed of this ailment.

Jesus challenges us to dream big. He motivated 12 impoverished and homeless fishermen to literally change the face of the planet with the gospel. And he’s challenging those of us who are a part of Four Rivers Church to do the same.

I want and need to lead a passionate, progressive and extraordinarily devoted group of people to change the spiritual landscape of this region. We are seeing it begin. The next big step could be the one you need to make.

The focus and faith required may be great. But Jesus is much greater.

Expect yourself to be a part of overwhelmingly great things. Expect more and settle for no less.

2011 is going to be a great year Four Rivers.