Francis’ Advent Conspiracy

With Brad’s Advent Conspiracy series now in full swing, I posted a quote yesterday from Francis of Assissi. If you missed it here it is again:

It is no use walking anywhere to preach unless our walking is our preaching.        – Francis of Assisi

At first blush you may wonder what a Catholic saint from the 12 century or any of his one-liners may have to do with the Advent Conspiracy. But really his story has a lot to do with it. Disillusioned with materialism, Francis gave up a life of upper middle-class wealth to minister to the poor and needy in his region. Perhaps you’ve heard of the Franciscans, the order of priests he founded who were famous for their vows of poverty.

Maybe a vow of poverty isn’t for you or me, but we can still hear echos of Francis’ example in the Advent Conspiracy. What would happen if we challenged ourselves to minimize (dare I say even reject) the materialism and consumerism that has usurped the value of Christ during this season? What if instead of spreading what masquerades as holiday cheer in the form of gifts no one really needs, we shared the greatest gift ever known in the form of Jesus’ agape love?

What if our walk preached our own Advent Conspiracy? I can think of no better way to….

Live The Mission,


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