Dont Follow That Leader… By Artie Davis

By Artie Davis

There are so many reports, surveys, studies & speculations about the state of the church. There seems to be “trends” in every direction: House churches, Multi site, church planting of every kind.

But in everyone of these scenarios there is an undeniable truth about the leaders… in those environments… they MUST reproduce quality leaders! It doesn’t matter where you find yourself, or how passionate you are about the cause, you need to make sure you are following a godly leader!

Here are a few signs that a leader is on the wrong track!

1- They use the pronoun “I” A LOT! It seems they are the only one that has something to contribute to the decision. The draw attention to themselves. They are too quick to dismiss the contributions and ideas of others. It’s an only my way mentality.

2- They don’t develop close relationships with those who are supposed to be leading with them. This is a sure sign of pride. They are afraid if they let someone to close, they may loose some power.

3- If they travel, they travel alone. I have seen this a sure sign of trying to hold on to power. A great leader with the right mindset will take every opportunity to allow those around them to gain experience and influence. They need to share the lime-light!

4- They aren’t transparent. I know the argument on the other side, you can’t get to close. I understand that to a degree, not to close too, to many, but certainly to a few! Others must see the leader as someone who is willing to share struggle and defeat as quickly as victory!

5- They struggle to get recognition from influential leaders. A godly leader should never promote himself. God said to walk humbly, and HE would exalt you in the proper time. Gaining influence cannot be self driven, it must be Spirit driven!

Is there another sign you think should be on the list?