Sour Mood… Good Stories with Bad Endings

Steph and I have been blessed with and worked hard for several long term friendships… people who may not even live near us but would sacrifice anything to be there when we need them. And, we would do the same. But thats not always the way relationships work out.

I feel like I’ve probably been in a bit of a sour mood today. During staff meeting I started telling stories of ‘the way things used to be” at the church and was reminded of several bad endings to good stories. I started talking about young couples whose friendship was beautiful. But before you know it my mind went to friends whose marriage ended in divorce, relationships that were wounded by misunderstanding and opportunities that were missed or dismissed.

It put me in a sour mood.

It kills me to think of what sin and an unwillingness to confess wrongdoing does to relationships. It literally fries them. And then they die.

It’s one of the most sad realities that I face as a pastor. And today it made me sad.

Have you ever seen a good story have a bad ending because of sin?