Airport Christians

I’m sitting at Ohare airport in Chicago. I’ve been here for 2 hours and should fly out in about 30 minutes. Just watched part of a very cool movie.

Now I’m listening to Santana and watching people’s behavior and interaction.

There is this strange blend of connection and loneliness at airports. Most people seem to be alone. There isn’t much conversation or interaction. Occasionally someone will ask to sit down beside me or use the extra outlet in the wall plug.

It reminds me of how some people view Christianity… a purely ‘personal’ or even ‘private’ relationship with God.

But honestly, thats not how it works. Walking down the road with Jesus is personal but rarely private. We walk behind Jesus but alongside of many others.

There are those who have gone before us.. those who walk with us… and those who will follow behind us.

Never forget those relationships on the narrow road of Christ following. It doesn’t have to be and should never be a lonely road.

Sometimes it can seem that way. Especially if you are leading the way for a group of other believers. It can also feel that way if you hold on to unconfessed sin or bitterness. When you do this you choose to walk alone.

Stop it. Seriously. Stop walking alone. Walk with Jesus as a part of His church. Find other believers and follow Christ with them. Just like the lady next to me on the plane… you may not know much about traveling… but you can find someone to sit with who has some experiences and learn from them. (And if your like her, you’ll do most of the talking.)

Dont go alone. No more airport Christians….