Big Church – Little Church (Or How About Both)

At Four Rivers, we try to be both large and small, both gathered and scattered, both High Impact and Deep Intimacy.

Here is a great quote from a new favorite book of mine. It’s called Hybrid Church by Dave Browning…

“The pros as cons that come with being a huge elephant of a mega-church are the reverse of those that cone with being a tiny mouse of a micro-church. This fact gives rise to the pendulum swings that we see when people shift from enchantment to disenchantment with respect to one form of church or the other. People may ‘flip’ on the megachurch–“It’s so impersonal. We don’t know anyone!” — and move to a house church, only to find out that the well-crafted presentations and excitement of the megachurch are missing from the informal microchurch setting. Conversely, the initial buzz that longtime microchurch members get when they switch to an established megachurch tends to fade over time as they realize that they have become small fish in a big pond.”

OK, this is a great quote. Basically, the problem revealed is that we won’t find what we are looking for in church if we are looking at it as a consumeristic person expecting the church to meet all of our needs.

Its only when we become part of the congregation’s mission that we actually find fulfillment.

So, will you join us in helping to be the best missional church possible in both large and small environments? In both High Impact & Deep Intimacy…

2011 is going to be an amazing year.