Nursing Home (Advent Conspiracy)

The message below is from Amber Lindop who is a kong time 4RC participant. She is a great young lady. God has given her passion and she is asking for help.

Check it out.

Hey brad,
I’m not great at writing so here goes:

So I was getting ready for the day and got caught up thinking, “it’s a great time of the year, I get to see friends and family, I get to do whatever I want. I love this.” Then God pretty much slapped me in the face with images of folks that don’t get that. So many elderly folks are in nursing homes and they don’t get visitors. So, some of them don’t really know it, but that makes it even more sad.
I want to help them. I want them to help me. The last time I was in a nursing home, I literally pushed my way out because I was so sad. It was so depressing that I literally could not wait to get out. I began to weep. They are so dependent on us, and yet we cast them away so easily. I want them to help me see how important they really are. I want to have their friendship and love. I want their stories and their smiles and their tears and their hugs.
Now, I realize with the most wonderful time of the year comes the BUSIEST time of the year as well, but I think we can either squeeze out some volunteers from the church or squeeze and hour or two out of the sacred day. Think of it this way: WE HAVE ALL DAY WITH OUR LOVED ONES. THESE MEN AND WOMEN WOULD LOVE EVEN AN HOUR WITH A VISITOR.
If we can collect some donations, we can get either presents(scarves,puzzles,collect4,games,CDs,cards,peppermints), buy these things at the dollar store(trust me,it’s cheap and easy to do), talk w/ them about Jesus, and give them cheap or free bibles. This is not only encouraging for them, it’s a great exercise of witnessing for us, and it can remind people that they truly are loved.
I realize the bad timing, but I know that we can pull something together! This is for the glory of God and the expansion of his kingdom. He will do nothing but bless it! Please take this seriously. Send this to any and every person or church group(or whatever) you think would be interested in doing this. It is for all to help in all areas. It’s an idea for anyone and if they need to contact me for details on the idea, I’m fine with that. Just copy and paste. Jesus bless you all.
Amber Lindop
1-270-978-2300(VOICEMAIL IS BROKEN)
PO box 657
Brookport, Il.