Last Minute Gift Idea

Well, it’s almost that time again — do or die gift shopping! Have you gotten all your shopping done? No? Need some last minute gift ideas? Well have I got a deal for you!! Look no further than the gifts you already have.

Am I talking about regifting? Absolutely! It’s cheap, it’s easy, and best of all someone has already done the shopping for you. Just take one of your old gifts, dust it off, repackage it, and send it on its merry way to someone else.

Crude and heartless you say? Perhaps — if I were talking about regifting the material gifts we’ve convinced ourselves is all about Christmas.

But actually I’m talking about regifting Jesus Christ. When God gave his son some 2000 years ago, we received the ultimate gift that no gift card, Xbox Kinect, diamond ring, or Lexus could ever match. Jesus is probably the one gift given to us whom the giver actually intended for us to regift to everyone we meet regardless of the season.

So take the best gift you’ve ever been given and wrap him up in your time, your love, your joy, your peace, your goodwill, your patience, your mercy, your forgiveness, even your resources, and share him with those around you.

As an FYI, I will not be posting over the next few days. So until I post again I pray you have a Merry Christmas.

Live the Mission,