Life Attitudes for all Christians

I’ll be teaching a youth retreat over the New Years holiday. The focus is on attitudes for the life of the Christian. Here are my discussion question notes.


How big of a S.P.L.A.S.H. could your involvement make?

Believe it or not, everyone has the potential to play a big part in the kingdom of God. You can make a big S.P.L.A.S.H.

Just look around and you will see the results of all different kinds of people. The people of the church have decided to follow Jesus and in that awesome relationship they have found their place to play in the kingdom.
S.P.L.A.S.H. is an acronym for six life attitudes from Scripture. By choosing to live in line with the attitudes Jesus has given us, we play big in the kingdom. Our participation makes a huge S.P.L.A.S.H.

S- acrafical Service
Read John 21:7-17

Focusing on verses 7 & 8, ask one another, “How important is it to you to be ‘close’ to Jesus? Are you like Simon Peter who sprints toward him or are you like the others who move more slowly only drifting His way…”

Focusing on verses 12 – 14, discuss how it feels to be served by Jesus. Give some examples of what service Jesus has offered for one another. How humbled are you that Jesus serves you?

Focusing on verses 15 – 17, notice that love for Jesus is often shown by service to other people. How are you planning on ‘loving Jesus’ by serving others?

P- erpetual Prayer
Read 1 Thessalonians 5:12-22

This passage is a list of final thoughts from Paul as he closes his first letter to the young church at Thessalonica. It’s very practical and deals specifically with the way Christians relate to one another as part of the church.

Read each verse again, one by one. As you do, discuss each specific piece of advice and weave in the question, “How does an ongoing, healthy prayer life affect your involvement with the church?”

Make sure you spend time with each specific phrase.

L- ifelong Learning
Read 1 Timothy 4:11-13

Paul is directing Timothy to teach… so that everyone else will learn. We need to learn in the same areas.

Paul says that Timothy should be an example in four ways…

1. Way you live
2. In your love
3. Your faith
4. Your purity

Take each of the four areas and discuss two things about them. First, how can you become a lifelong learner in each area? Secondly, how can you become a good example so that others can learn in each area?

Read Phil 4:11-13

Discuss why ‘contentment’ is so important. How does knowing you can do ‘all things’ through Christ who strengthens you affect your learning and teaching?

A- uthentic Worship
Read Revelation 4:1-5
Read Revelation 19:11-16

How does the image of God being on his throne give you confidence?

What are some primary challenges to your attitude of worship?

What mental images do you normally have when thinking of Jesus? How does the image of Revelation 19 strengthen your confidence and worship?

Why is worship so valuable?

S- elfless Giving

Read Proverbs 11:28

Why does this passage seem to pit Godliness against trusting in money?

Read Matthew 6:19-21

Now discuss the same question as above.

Now read Matthew 6:24

With this passage in mind, discuss how a Christian can serve one ‘Master’ over the other. As you look at how you can serve Jesus with money… also discuss the mistake that many make by serving ‘Money’ with a pseudo godliness.

Read Genesis 4:2-5

What is the difference between the two brother’s giving? Why did God accept one and not the other? Focus specifically on the value of giving your best/first to God.

H – ealthy Relationships
Let’s trace the development of how God wants us to treat one another.

1. Read Exodus 21:23-25

2. Read Matthew 7:1-12
Ethic of Reciprocity

Is the goal not to judge one another, or is it to judge wisely and help one another grow? How can each of you live out the ‘spec-log’ kind of relationships?

How could having others watching out for you be a big help in your walk with Christ?

3. Read John 13:34-35

How is this a ‘new’ commandment? Compare it to the Golden Rule and discuss how this is a new development.