Favorite Christmas Candy/Food

So I’m sitting at my mother in law’s kitchen table awaiting a great Christmas feast. And this year, Stephanie is introducing a new delicatesen food item… that she won’t let me reveal here. (Its still a surprise to her family.)

Around the table are scattered various Christmas tins filled with Divinity, Peanut Butter Fudge, Dark Chocolate Fudge, Date Balls, etc. And I’m guessing that my diet is going to be negatively affected by the ‘meal we are about to partake.’

I have to admit, I’m partial to Peanut Butter Fudge. Its outstanding. I like it… most all of it that I’ve ever had. I’ve even eaten FBF that was thought to be a flop… and I liked it just fine.

So what is your favorite Christmas food? Is it the Candy Cane, the Ginger Bread House, the Cheese Ball, the Fried Pickles (yes we have these at Christmas)? Or maybe it is the main course… Do you prefer turkey or ham?

Share your favorite Christmas Candy or Food. Even if it is Fruit Cake…