What keeps you going?

There are many speed bumps and dead-end streets in the life of a Christ follower.

What keeps you motivated in your relationship with Jesus? What keeps you focused on living in His Will? What grabs your attention when you find yourself far from God? How do you stay in motion in your spiritual life?

These type of questions are in my head all the time. I want to give 100% of myself to the important things of life. And as a leader, I want those I lead to do the same…

As a whole, I’m a pretty motivated guy. In fact, some have said that I can have ‘blinders’ and only see the goal that is front of me… from time to time.

So maybe I should be asking, “What keeps you aware of what is around you while you are focused on Jesus?” Or maybe, “What keeps you connected with the people who follow you while you follow Jesus?”

I digress…

I stay motivated because of the Holy Spirit’s use of a few topics in my life.

1. My own sinfulness. I bet you didn’t expect that first in line. But honestly, it is. When I catch myself sinning against God or against another person, which is more often than I’d like to admit, I am reminded of the problems sin causes. I am reminded of Jesus’ plan. I am dealt a dose of ‘communion’ right in my own spiritual life and as I confess my sin to Jesus, He reminds me of my calling…

2. My wife and children. When I notice how much Stephanie relies on me and how much the boys imitate me, it keeps me motivated. I want to be the best husband and father possible for me to be. And I am absolutely sure that the closer I stay to Jesus, the more I stay in God’s Word and the more healthy my relationship with the church is… the best husband and father I am. My wife deserves the best. My boys require and deserve the best. If I want to be my best for them… I need closeness to God’s Will in my life.

3. The churches I lead and/or coach. I am the Lead Pastor of Four Rivers Church in Paducah and Calvert City Kentucky. But I also coach church planters in and around Nashville, TN and believe it or not… Syracuse, New York. These are some great churches. And they have need for leaders who are focused. They need it and they will not do well without it. And if I’m in a leadership role… I have to stay focused… for them.

4. The personal joy and peace I experience when I’m close to Jesus. I’ve been far from Him. I’ve messed that up in the past. And I hated that feeling. I hated that reality. I don’t ever want to be far from Him again. Its scary. Its overwhelming. And I wasn’t made to live away from God.

These are some of the things that keep me motivated. How about you?