Whats ‘New’ about this year?

365 Days. 12 Months. 52 Weeks. 31,536,000 seconds. That’s what it takes to make a year. And every 365 days, 12 months, 52 weeks or 31,536.000 seconds… Americans everywhere commit that ‘this year is going to be different.’ In fact, we call it the New Year. The day before is New Year’s Eve.

A resolution is a statement of resolve or determination to focus on or change something in your life.

These are a few New Year’s Resolutions for me personally…

1. Continue an active lifestyle with exercise, hiking, golf, swimming, etc.

2. Reach an optimum weight. (195 – 210 lbs)

3. Balance appropriate amounts of time at home, with family & at work.

4. Continue to reduce financial debt.

I’m not complete in setting these… I’d love to hear suggestions or read about your new years resolutions. There is no better time than now to set them & commit to live a ‘new’ life.