Helping a church plant in Tennessee…

As you may know, one of the passions of my life is church planting. And although I don’t necessarily see myself planting another church in the future, I hope to be involved in church planting through the launch of new Four River’s Campuses and the coaching of church planters. In fact, I am presently helping to coach a few church plants. The one I am focused on most is Life Church of Mt. Juliet Tennessee. Life Church’s pastor/planter is Eddie Poole. Eddie and his wife Marla and kids are a fantastic family. And it is my pleasure to serve alongside of them in helping to see this new church grow and blossom into something great.

Life Church will be celebrating their one year anniversary this Sunday. So lets all be praying for and celebrating with them. We should see this church as a plant supported by Four Rivers and we should take great joy in the completion of their first year. Its a real milestone.

Four Rivers has already been a part of the launch of the church in big ways. We have been able to loan them a PA system and travel trailer. We have also been able to provide them with some other portable church things to make their ministry flow more smoothly. Those of you who are part of Four Rivers have also been involved in supporting this new work financially through the Imprint Project as well as a portion of our weekly offerings that go to the Great Lakes Conference of the Evangelical Covenant Church. Much of this money is used in planting churches… namely, Life Church of Mount Juliet.

I’d like to encourage you to check out to learn more about this cool young congregation. Maybe the next time you are in the Nashville area on a Sunday, you could stop by and check out one of their worship experiences. I hear they are really something.

In fact, I hope to worship with them sometime this Spring myself.

Pray for them and for me as I try to be helpful in coaching Eddie. He’s a great guy, great leader and is going to continue to lead a great new church.