Earing God by Eddie Jones

Below is a devotional I really liked from Eddie Jones at ChristianDevotions.com. Thought I would share it with you today….

Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed. Mark 1:35 (NIV)

I stood in the parking lot of Bob Bass Jeep, eying a candy-apple red CJ-5 Wrangler with a blue denim top. A few hours earlier God had told me to get off my knees, pick up my best friend, and drive across town to receive a new car. Now I leaned against the left front fender, admiring my reflection in its crimson hood. The salesman approached. He asked the question all salesmen ask when they see lust in the eyes of a customer: “What’s it going to take to put you in this vehicle?”

“God,” I replied. “I don’t have any money. But God said if I came here, He’d…”

The salesman escorted us off the lot.

How do you hear God’s voice? I mean really hear Him? How do you hear that voice of assurance so clearly that you know the outcome before you act? Even a cursory read of Old Testament stories and the acts of Jesus shows that when God speaks, people move, change, and act. God’s whisper should propel us to go toward a place or person and it’s seldom for our benefit.

The key, I believe, lies in the work done before God speaks… in the quiet moments before the miracle moment begins. For Jesus (who was Himself God) this meant rising early, before the pressing needs of the day burdened Him. Early, in the dark, outside his comfort zone, alone… he prayed. This is our pattern as well.

I never did get that red CJ-5, though one Christmas my father gave me an old Willis Army Jeep. Together Dad and I spent years tinkering on that heap of rust. Eventually it passed inspection and we took it for a spin. Turns out the top speed for a Willis Jeep was 45 miles per hour. Not exactly the dream car I’d imagined. But maybe my act of obedience (or stupidity) was the necessary catalyst that brought Dad and I together on a father-son project that spanned my college years. Perhaps that was the gift God wanted to give me that day in the Bob Bass Jeep parking lot.

My willingness to act on what I thought was God’s voice forced me to listen harder, study His Word further, and be discerning when others say: “But you don’t understand. God told me to…”

Perhaps He did. Perhaps He will again. And perhaps we should spend more time listening for Him to call us to help others and less time seeking shiny new cars.

Used by permission of Christian Devotions – Copyright 2011