Going back to school… again…

Would you believe that I’m going back to the classroom again? Not for a degree, or anything like that… but starting on January 31st I’ll be in Chicago and in a classroom. As part of my commitment to the ‘Lifelong Learning’ attitude of Four Rivers, I regularly try to find ways to learn. This class is also required as I seek my final ordination with the Evangelical Covenant Church. I am already ordained as a Southern Baptist pastor, but have been working with both the Baptist organization as well as the ECC for the last few years. My final ordination with the ECC is simply a continued way to develop partnership in ministry.

While in Chicago for a week, I’ll be studying the history of the Pietist movement which led to the launch of several denominations in America. The ECC is one of those organized groups of churches. I’ll also be studying more indepthly the specific theological perspectives that tend to pop up in ECC churches. (I’ve already done this one my own… before I agreed to work with them.) But this time I’ll be doing it formally and for some actual credit.

I’m writing a paper this week in preparation for the class and I’ll be writing a larger, more extensive paper after the class is over. Its like squeezing an entire college course into one week. WEEEEW!

Truth is, I really love the classroom. Whether I’m teaching or learning… I seem to fit well in the classroom setting.

This trip will be one of a few trips like this I’ll be taking this year.