Navigational Leadership Team meeting

Tonight we had a great Navigational Leadership Team meeting. (That’s what we call our church’s executive elder team. They focus on leading the big picture stuff of Four Rivers Covenant Church.)

I am so blessed to be on a team filled with such great people. Just in case you don’t know who they are… allow me to introduce them.

Roger & Dawn Choate
Greg & Melanie Watson
Caleb & April Skinner
Mike & Saunie Rothwell
Brad & Stephanie Henson

This team of leaders is still getting to know one another in some ways, but the development has been truly remarkable. I am proud to be on a team with them and I believe that this team will lead 4RC into a really exciting 2011.

Over the next few weeks we will be finalizing yearly goals, casting new vision & developing a strategic plan. (Can you tell I love the start of new things.) 2011 is going to be an amazing year.