Old Things Gone… New Things Are Scary

You would think that I was an ‘out with the old in with the new’ kind of guy. And sometimes I can be. But it doesn’t always work that way. There are times when changes scare me. How about you?

There are a few changes going on in my life right now that are a bit intimidating.

1. I have officially left the PC world and moved into the MAC world, when it comes to the computer that I use. I have utilized an iPhone and an iPad for quite some time now. And although I’m really a novice when it comes to technology, that has led to the misinformed rumor that I was a true techy. But the truth is, I only know how to do about 20% of what those two things are capable of doing. I have always used my trusty PC laptop for my usual computer work throughout the week. But recently I have passed the Sony Vio PC to someone else on staff and replaced it with a new iMac.

This thing is awesome. But I keep finding all of these things that I don’t know how to do. And it can be a bit scary. As I sit here writing, I am backing up the hard drive on my old Sony and then I will wipe the hard drive clean in order to give it away. There are so many valuable things on that computer. I’m a bit worried about losing something. What if I won’t be able to find them or use them on the new iMac?

I wonder if this is how some people feel when their church begins to change? I wonder if this is how others have felt when I led them through more change than was comfortable to them. If so, I am beginning to understand their trauma.

2. My role as 4RC Lead Pastor changes so much for year to year. And as I continue to find things that I need to be able to do… I continue to find myself stretched beyond what seems comfortable. Just today I have been meeting with a missionary who oversees house churches. He was asking for things that I want to give him… but I’m really unsure if I know how. As exciting as his ministry is, to me it can be scary new ground.

I find myself in situations like that all the time. When all I really want to do is say, “What about?” “What if?” “But…”

The temptation is always there to stop moving forward… to stop allowing things to develop and change…

And certainly, some change is bad and should be stopped… but not because we are afraid of change.

So today I ask Jesus to give me wisdom and strength. Help me know how to keep being moldable. Help me know which changes are helpful and good. Help me know when to stand against change… and when to fan the flame of change. Jesus, help me move into the future with great trust for you, and the security of knowing you are in charge.

So what new things scare you?