Why Not… go to church?

I’m pondering this morning why people decide to stay away from church. And I’d like your help. This is your chance to help a pastor and many of his church going readers understand why you choose to ditch church attendance. I want to know.

What drives my thoughts is the joy I see the church bringing people every day. The love, support, helpful and relevant life teaching, and friendship that comes from the church (at least from my perspective) is really great.

So sometimes I don’t understand why everyone doesnt connect…

Consider these questions…

Have you ever been a regular church attender?

Did something BIG happen to push you away?

Do you struggle with finding the time?

Does it have to do with your kids?

Is shame involved?

Are you staying away from the people, the pressure or from God?

Are true Christians supposed to be a part of a church?

Do you think it’s all a religious hoax?

I’d love to read your thoughts. Let me know…