Back In Town

I made it back from my writer’s conference yesterday and now I’m loaded for bear. The group sponsoring the conference ( has used a few of my devotions in the past and I have posted a few of theirs on this blog. They have a true heart for ministry and did a phenomenal job with teaching the craft of Christian writing.  Not only did I learn a lot about writing, I also met many great writers who share ChristianDevotions’ passion for ministry through writing. It really was a great weekend. also has several sites for you kids. DevoKids has games and devotions for the younger ones, while is a site where teens get to minister to other teens. I also learned about, also for teens but with loads of info about movies, music, sports, books, and careers but with a Christian bent. If you get a chance, check out these sites. I’m sure you and your family will be blessed.

Even though I had an awesome time, it’s great to be back!

Live The Mission,