Survival Is Not An Option


Have you ever seen these iconic images from the Cold War? They were used as training aids informing people to just duck and cover in order to survive the bomb the Russians would drop any day now. Over half a century later, they’re now comical. As if putting a desk between you and an atomic blast is all you would need to shield yourself from its fury. But people did it anyway—it gave them something to do.

Sometimes I feel we as Christians have the same Cold War mentality when comes to the corruption of this world. Our first reaction, maybe even our natural instinct, is to hunker down and hope it passes by leaving us unsullied and unscathed. We try to survive our interaction with the world as best we can.

But according to Jesus’ example, mere survival is not an option. He met with Zacchaeus in his home. He helped the woman at the well. He took the side of the adulteress caught in the act. He was seen cavorting with prostitutes, tax collectors, lepers, outcasts and the homeless. When confronted with the corruption of this world, Jesus never shielded himself from it.  Rather, he engaged the world to make it a better place. Where there was a need, Jesus showed up.

In the final analysis, we all know “duck and cover” would never have worked against the potential horrors of the Cold War. Perhaps it’s time we carry this lesson over to our Christian lives as well. We are not called to survive. We are called to thrive. In the process we are to help others do the same. It’s how we bring the gospel of Jesus to a world in desparate need.

Live The Mission,